Annual Report to Parents

Brynamman C. P.  School

 Annual Report to Parents

as at 31/08/19

Academic Year 2018-2019

School Address:                                Brynceunant,  Brynamman,  Carms,   SA18 1AH.

Telephone Numbers:                         (01269) 822108

E-mail address:                      

Website address:                     

Number on Roll                                  20/07/19                                298 Pupils

Organisation of Staff:

Foundation Phase N P/T:                       

Foundation Phase N – Miss C Thomas

Foundation Phase R – Mrs F Harries

Foundation Phase 1 – Miss N Thomas

Foundaiton Phase 2 – Miss C Griffiths

Foundation Phase 3 – Mrs M Jones (Assistant Headteacher)

Year 3 – Mrs R Evans

Year 3/4 – Mr A Kiley

Year 4 – Mrs S Page

Year 5 – Miss G Beynon

Year 5/6 – Mrs E James

Year 6 – Mrs A Stevenson (Deputy Headteacher)

Additional Needs Support – Mr A Kiley

Headteacher – Mr L James

Care Assistant/Teaching Assistant – Mrs E Morgan; Mrs C James; Mrs S Williams; Mrs S Howells; Miss L Lewis; Miss K Dean; Mrs J Thomas; Mrs C Davies; Mrs D Davies; Miss J Davies; Ms R Lloyd; Miss L Popple; Mrs H Davies; Mrs C Wenten-Cope; Mrs J Rees.

Non – Teaching Staff:                           

Cook – Ms N Bowen

Assistants – Mrs C Thomas; Mrs P Griffiths 

Caretaker – Mr G Evans           

Cleaners – Mrs S Jones; Mrs L Hutchings; Mrs P Griffiths

Mid Day Supervisors – Mrs L Rees; Mrs B Brosnan; Miss K Rees; Miss L Hurley; Miss L Rees; Miss J Davies; Mrs D Davies; Miss K Dean; Miss L Popple; Mrs C Wenten-Cope; Mrs H Davies. 

Administrative Officer – Mrs J Davies


No resolutions were passed in last year’s meeting as no meeting was requested.

Additional Needs Provision:

Mr A Kiley is employed full-time for curriculum monitoring and co-ordinating the additional needs provision.  The arrangement is most beneficial to the curricular needs of the children.

Peripatetic Staff:

The following peripatetic music teachers attend the school.

                                Brass:                     Mr E Alexander                   (2 hours)

                                Strings:                   Mrs G Thomas                     (1 hour)

Athrawes Fro:

Members of this department visits the school to give additional support in the teaching of Welsh.  During the year numerous pupils from the school attend classes weekly.  Sessions in Mathematics are also provided.

Students/Work Experience Placements:

The school has also welcomed several student teachers from TrinityCollege, Coleg Sir Gâr and Neath College on teaching practice as well as pupils on work experience from local comprehensive schools.

Attendance of Pupils:        % of attendance (including Nursery)

Autumn Term 2018:     95.47 %

Spring Term 2019:      94.87 %

Summer Term 2019:   93.59 %

Attendance for 2018/2019:   94.74%

Percentage of Unauthorised absences for the above terms:       0.72%

Percentage of Unauthorised absences for the above terms:       1.29%

Percentage of Unauthorised absences for the above terms:       2.07%

School Premises:

The school is very grateful to Mrs S Jones, Mrs L Hutchings and Mrs P Griffiths for their services in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.  

School Prospectus:

The current school prospectus is available from the school office and is distributed for new starters at the school.

Curricular Development:

The school aims at offering and providing a balanced curriculum, in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum, in order to stimulate the academic, emotional and social development of every child as an individual.  The practices and procedures of the Foundation Phase are fully operational.

Differentiated procedures are utilised to fully develop every individual’s potential.  This is achieved in an active, homely, interesting and creative environment.  Policy documents on every aspect of the school are available in the school, and schemes of work in all subject areas are also in operation; in accordance with National Curriculum guidelines.  However, due to the changing face of education, these policies and schemes of work are continually monitored and re-assessed.  They are ratified annually by the Governing Body in June of every year.

School Action Plans:

An appropriate action plan has been formulated and is operational.  It is linked to the School Development Plan and School Self evaluation documents that are revised annually.

Progress in setting and meeting targets:

The targets set by the school are held within the School Development Plan.  Targets are set on a yearly basis on a short, medium and long-term basis.  Targets are set for the school, classes, groups and individuals.  The school is currently exceeding the targets set.  Literacy and Numeracy targets have also been initiated.  The school sets targets for all children commensurate to their ability and level of achievement.  Children also set their own targets as independent learners.

Progress on meeting Sporting aims and Sporting achievements:

The school has a broad and balanced PE & Games curriculum, which deals specifically with the development of skills.  School teams are extremely successful, with teams and individuals achieving representative status for the Area, the County and National Teams.

Further details:

Curriculum evenings for the parents will continue to make the parents aware of the National Curriculum and Foundation Phase requirements, and the teaching methods utilised to convey the programmes of study.  

The teaching staff have also attended numerous courses for curricular development; and in-service training days have been utilised for further development.  These INSET courses are purchased from the LA and other agencies.  A Performance Management Module for the School is currently operating successfully, which includes lesson observations, book scrutinies and learning walks.

The Junior Department uses a subject based teaching strategy and normally operates on a 2-year cycle with work that addresses the needs of the National Curriculum of Study, and is commensurate to the child’s ability.  The Foundation Phase meets the above criteria on a thematic based structure.  Focus groups operate in the core subjects.  Performance Management is an on-going strategy, carried out by the Headteacher and Senior Management Team, although lesson observations are a whole school stratery.

The School is currently involved in the Eco Schools Programme, Healthy Eating Initiative, the School Council and Siarter Iaith.

Additional Needs Register:

A additional needs register is kept which is reviewed frequently.  This enables the school to monitor the needs of pupils requiring additional support, and is aligned to the requirements of the SEN Code of Practice.  The current position of the Additional Needs Register is as follows:

                                                Stage SA:                              13.3%

                                                Stage SA+:                            18.3%

                                                Stage S:                                 1.00%

Disabled Pupils: Arrangements for the admission and access:

The school admits disabled pupils through close liaison with the LA and other agencies.  Access to the building can be met through the use of ramps and lifts.  The school ensures that any form of discrimination does not occur.  Relevant policies are all operational.

Security arrangements for Pupils, Staff and School premises:

Security alarms are fitted. Doors, which cannot be opened from the outside, are fitted.  The staff ensure that the children’s security is always at the forefront of their responsibilities.  

School Activities including home and community links:

The school is very grateful for the continued support of the parents and friends of the school, who assist with a variety of activities which benefit the learning and ethos of continued development purported by the school.  The school aims at providing equal opportunities, including opportunities for disabled pupils.  The school has strong community links and will continue to strengthen this area. 

Breakfast Club

The Club operates between 8am and 8.45am.

After School Club:  Brynaman Kids’ Club

The children are collected from School at the end of the day and at lunchtimes, which include drop offs.

Eco Schools:

The School has been awarded the Green Flag and has achieved the Platinum level of this award for the second time.

Equal Opportunities and Race Relations Policy:

The School has the appropriate policy in operation.

National  Curriculum Statutory Assessment Results:

Teacher Assessments were administered at both Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 during this academic year.  The following tables are detailed figures given regarding Boys, Girls and Boys/Girls.  Also shown are the percentages of pupils achieving the Core Subject Indicator in the school.  To achieve the Core Subject Indicator, pupils must attain at least outcome 5 in Mathematics, Science, and either Welsh (as a first language) or English in combination at Foundation Phase and level 4 at Key Stage 2.

The school’s data is available on My Local School.

Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities:

The School has attended and taken part in a variety of competitions, sporting championships, musical events, Eisteddfodau, concerts and performances throughout the year.  Parents have been given a calendar of events that outline these activities and are noted on the School’s website.

Destination of School-leavers:

Ysgol Dyffryn Aman was the preferred choice of nearly all of last year’s leavers.


The PTFA arrange events during the year, including very successful Summer and Christmas Fayres.

Financial Matters:

                Capitation Allowance 2018/19:                            £15,000.00

                Annual Financial Budget 2018/19:                      £952,195.00


The school has contributed this year to Children in Need and several other charities.


The school is very grateful for all donations received this year.


I convey my personal thanks to the school staff, parents and children for their support and continued hard work during the academic year. I would also thank members of the Governing Body for their assistance and help.  The most important factor though is the children; the children are the key element of an excellent school.  I thank them sincerely for their diligence and enthusiasm.    

Mrs C Morris retired last Autumn.  I wish to thank her for her loyal and supportive time at the school.  Miss L Lewis also left the school, I wish her well for the future.

As staff, parents, children and Governors, we have achieved enormous successes in the last year.   Such success must be built upon to develop the school and every pupil’s maximum potential.   

Thank you for your support, help and co-operation.

Lee James