Self Evaluation 2018


Questionnaire Results

Thank you to all who completed a questionnaire.  We had 129 responses.  The results can be seen below with the response of the school.  Also general comments, both positive and negative can be seen under the questionnaire results.  Finally, a child friendly questionnaire was given to the junior children, a very positive response was had that included two main concerns that are explained on the final page.  If we have not responded to your comment, or if you would like a further discussion please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

 Please   tick one box
 The   School Strongly   Agree/ AgreeDisagree/   Strongly Disagree School   Response
My child likes school98%2% 
My child was helped to   settle in well when he/she started at school99%1% 
I believe my child is   making good progress at school.99%1% 
I believe my child is   safe at school98%2% 
I believe that pupils   behave well in school94%6%See response in   Children’s questionnaire feedback
Other children do not   bully my child91%9%See response in   Children’s questionnaire feedback
I believe that if any   bullying, harassment or discrimination occurs, the school deals well with it.93%7%See response in   Children’s questionnaire feedback
I believe the quality of   teaching is good.100%0% 
I believe that my child   has good learning experiences, including educational trips and visits.100%0% 
I believe that staff   expect my child to work hard and to do his/her best.100%0% 
I  believe that staff treat all children   fairly and with respect93%7% 
I believe that the   school helps my child to understand how eating and drinking can effect their   health.98%2% 
I believe my child has   plenty of opportunities to get regular exercise at school.92%8%The school now offers   more and more physical activities from football festivals to Urdd After   school clubs. We will continue to offer more sporting opportunities as the   year progresses.
I believe the school   helps my child to become mature and take on responsibility.99%1% 
I believe my child receives   appropriate extra support when he/she needs it.99%1% 
I believe the school   keeps me well informed about my child’s progress.87%13%This year we will hold   termly Parents Evenings. Additionally in the second parents evening there   will be an opportunity to see your child’s work.
The school seeks my   views as a parent and considers the feedback that I provide about the school.87%13%The questionnaire is the   first step in listening to the voice of the parents as we try to answer and   solve some of your concerns.
If I share problems or   issues with the school, it responds well and deals with them appropriately.95%5% 
I believe that my child   can access enough books and equipment at school to support their learning.100%0% 
I believe the school is   well run and managed99%1% 
I believe the school   prepares my child well for moving on to the next school.97%3% 

Further Comments from Parents


High standard of teaching and learning

Excellent development in the welsh language


Happy Atmosphere

Excellent extra support

Good communication

A warm welcome to late commers

Excellent discipline

Things to Improve

Only one parents evening

More sporting activities with more preparation time

More on twitter

Opportunities to compete in the Urdd

More after school clubs

Online payments

More trips/overnight stays for the juniors

Open days for new starters

Information on Ystalyfera School

Welsh Language classes for parents

PTA to be more active

I will respond to the above comments in the next newsletter

 Pupils Questionnaire

A very positive response with only 2 answers under 90%

Behaviour at play time – 14% of children had concerns regarding behaviour at breaktimes (main concern – children playing too rough)

Next Steps – Train Yr 5 and 6 to be playtime peace keepers. Look at further activities for the children to play on the yard.  School council to decide on a set of rules for playtime.

Concerns in regards to bullying – 12% of children were worried about bullying (especially Yr 3 and 4 children)

Next Steps – School to adopt speakr – Yr 3 and 4 initially – a system that enables the pupils to share any concerns they have with a member of staff.  Continue to use PC Kev to talk to the children.

Many thanks for all the responses

Lee James