School Rules


Pupil’s Name: _____________________________________________

Date of Birth: __________________ 


I/We shall try to:

  • See that my child attends school regularly and on time;
  • See that my child is suitably dressed and that he/she has appropriate clothes for sports and physical education;
  • Encourage my child to speak Welsh whenever possible, due to the Category ‘A’ status of the school;
  • Show an interest in my child’s schoolwork and try to ensure that homework is neatly presented and returned on the appropriate day;
  • Support the school’s guidelines as printed in the School Prospectus;
  • Support the school discipline procedure to foster a positive and friendly ethos;
  • Avoid taking family holidays during term time whenever possible;’
  • Pay promptly for school meals;
  • Inform the school of any changes to home address, telephone number, place of work and emergency contacts;


We shall: 

  • Provide a happy, caring environment where all pupils are motivated and encouraged to achieve their full potential;
  • Offer an education as described in the School Prospectus;
  • Offer a Welsh ethos and develop bilingualism;
  • Contact parents to discuss any concerns or serious problems that occur which we feel may affect the pupil’s work or behaviour;
  • Prepare and send home a written annual report on each pupil’s progress and offer an opportunity for parents to discuss the report with class teachers;
  • Set, mark and monitor homework in accordance with the guidelines set in the school prospectus;
  • Place a strong emphasis on quality and high standards in both work and behaviour;
  • Keep parents informed about any special school events/dates.